what we do

KKW Online Solutions helps designers excel in their business. Without the need to give away equity. 


Breakthrough + Biz Sessions

Our breakthrough and business sessions dig deep into your firms operations, understand what is not and what is working and formulate a game plan for growth based on what we find. This is great for smaller firms looking to grow to the next level. 

made for: Smaller firms looking to grow their firms to the next level

Indema Concierge

Are you currently using a platform that you’re not happy with or are not growing well with? We can help you set up and integrate your firm with indema platform. We are certified partners, and are trained to help facilitate your growth with indema! 

made for: designers using, or looking to use indema platform. Read more about indema here.

Virtual Assistant

Our VA services allow you to focus more on designing! This service spans quite a few ways into invoicing, sourcing, bookkeeping, general admin, team trainings, as well as email and calendar management. 

made for: Firms that are not able to hire a full time employee but need help.