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Where it all started.

Hi, I’m Kim. Organizer, lifelong learner, and creative problem solver. I’m mom to two kids on the Autism Spectrum (9 and 11) which has helped hone my abilities to think outside the proverbial box, handle high stress situations and challenge & grow my problem-solving skills. I’ve been called a straight shooter (with a dash of sarcasm) and I believe I can attribute that to my upbringing in NW Ontario, and that I don’t believe in wasting precious time beating around the bush!

After 15 years in the airline industry, and the toll a global pandemic took on travel, I decided to pivot and start KKW Online Solutions. I use my years of experience to support my clients gain clarity in their business operations. I apply my insight and innate organizational and project management skills to streamline processes so my clients can focus on what they do best. I am currently working towards my accreditation through OBM School.

Kim Wilson